The Disappearing 2017 Convention Videos

When an organization updates it’s website there’s a good chance the changes will result in links lost, documents moving, and the like. One casualty of LCC’s recent website update is a number of files this blog linked to have either moved or disappeared – so if you click on a link to an LCC article and it doesn’t go through, that’s why.

In addition, Synod’s 2017 Convention page used to have video recordings of the proceedings…but if you look now, the videos are no longer there.

Odds are the videos are still on youtube and the links didn’t transfer over, but since these videos are not public, there’s no way to view them on yotube. (And if they’re not on youtube, I have backup copies “just in case”. 🙂 )

Hopefully this’ll get fixed soon.

Update 2019-07-11: Someone sent me a link to the old convention web page complete links to the youtube videos.

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