Restructuring: Not What We Envisioned

Recently Grace Lutheran Church, Regina Saskatchewan made the following FB post:

A note from Rev. Timothy Teuscher, President of Lutheran Church Canada

During this time of restructuring of our synod, communications remain one area of major concern. Here in the synod office, we recognize that things have not progressed in the way we envisioned.

I hate to say this – but – I told you so. After the Oct 2017 Synodical convention I wrote the Dec 2017 article “Restructuring: You Can’t Do That!” where I discussed the multitude of problems with the new structure and the way it was rammed through.

  1. A significant investment of time, discussion, and planning was tossed overboard because some mysterious group in the East District purportedly threatened to kill restructuring.
  2. The new structure was developed with little consultation by a small group in a short period of time and featured Board members intruding into responsibilities that belonged solely to the CCMS.
  3. Public consultation was limited to two webex sessions where questions where limited, debate was not allowed, and changes were off the table.
  4. The Board / CCMS neglected to tell the 2017 Convention that the long-promised confirmation by the congregations was off the table when the Acts and Bylaws was circular-filed.

Given all this, it’s not surprising to read that “things have not progressed as we have envisioned.”

Members of our Committee for Communication and Technology are working on this matter, especially as it pertains to our synod’s website.

Does that include provisions for ensuring the website is up and an appropriate person is notified when it goes down? What about people who don’t use the internet that much and look elsewhere for their information? How do you plan to keep in touch with them?

As part of transitioning into a new way of doing things, a single weekly newsletter, InfoDigest, has replaced the publications of the three former districts. The InfoDigest is published online and is devoted to news from LCC and our three regions, in addition to upcoming events, announcements, and other information.

Personally I’ve found it nice to see what’s going on across all of Synod. More “Grist for the mill” as it were. 🙂

Communications is, in a sense, much like what takes place in our congregations on a Sunday morning.

In other words, what good is preaching of the Word if no one is gathered to hear it?

Conversely, what good does it do for people to gather together to hear if no one is there to preach the Word?

I’ll add another question – “What good is it to be a member of a church body whose walk isn’t aligned with its talk and fails to hold its membership to account when they betray the trust of its lay members?

I would, as such, request two things from all of our church workers and congregations.

First, send information on upcoming events and the like in your congregation, circuit, or region to so that such might be included in the InfoDigest.

And second, subscribe to InfoDigest by going to:

Can I add two more requests?

Third – “Hold Synodical membership to account when they stray from a right path.”


Fourth – “Hold your elected Synodical officials to account when they fail to properly exercise ecclesiastical supervision.”

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter. And even more so, thank you for your continued partnership in the Gospel.

And the Law? Does it have a place in the “new and improved” LCC?

Happy Canada everyone!


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