This site can’t be reached

Recently I read a note from SP Teuscher to the Synod members that looked like grist for the mill for this blog, so I went to the Canadian Lutheran website to see if  I could find the article in order to link to it. This is what I saw: 

Annotation 2019-06-30 104159

Naturally I then tried the Lutheran Church-Canada’s website and got this:

Annotation 2019-06-30 104239

How does this reflect on Synod’s ability to keep the lights on, the gears oiled and effectively discharge it’s left-hand kingdom responsibilities? I’ll leave answering that question as an exercise for the reader.

3 thoughts on “This site can’t be reached

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    1. I fully expected they’d be restored once I posted this article. The thing is websites and website monitoring is nothing new, and given that these websites are the premier interface between LCC and the rest of the world, the website admins should’ve gotten a notification the website was down when it happened so they could promptly fix the issue and get things working again.


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