CEF/DIL Lightning Round: April 30, 2019

ASC’s April Hearing

Earlier this month the ASC held another hearing related to the upcoming panel hearing into alleged financial misconduct by ABC District and related people. Sources have it that this hearing was another attempt by a non-party group to delay the proceeding until some later date. When the ASC posts the result of the hearing I’ll review it here.

At the time of this writing the full hearing into the allegations is scheduled to be held from Sept 16, 2019 to Nov 1, 2019.

CEF/DIL Act II is Officially in Motion

With the upcoming conclusion of the ABC District’s CCAA Proceeding and it’s associated stays of legal proceeding, the curtain is about to rise on the CEF & DIL Representative Actions. Higgerty Law is the counsel for the CEF Representative Action and they’ve posted the following notice to their Lutheran Church Representative Actions page:

April 26, 2019

The First Case Management Meeting was held on March 19th, 2019 before Associate Chief Justice  J.D. Rooke who will be the Case Management Judge for both the CEF Class Action and the DIL Class Action until further notice. Various administrative matters and protocols were addressed, and a June 30, 2019 target was set for our submission to the court of materials to apply for Certification of the Class Action. Working on the prospect of settlement was also encouraged by Justice  J.D. Rooke. Due to the sensitive stage we are presently in, we are not in a position to share any further information, at least until the Certification Materials are submitted.

Prince of Peace Lutheran School Property for Sale

Sage Properties has put the Prince of Peace Lutheran School property up for sale and you can see the ad in the Sage website here. Here’s the pics in the ad:

Alberta voters elect the UCP Party to Power

When the NDP party was governing Alberta, the AB minister of education’s position towards  faith-based schools was, shall we say, “less than friendly.” This may’ve been why the Rocky View School Board was not able to get funding to buy the Prince of Peace School building even though other area schools were already operating at capacity and the school board had been looking for a place to build a new school building for some time.

The 2019 Alberta provincial election replaced the NDP party with the United Conservative Party. The incoming government’s Minister of Education will be Adriana LaGrange – and here’s her official bio on the AB government website:

Minister LaGrange was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on April 16, 2019, as the MLA for Red Deer North.

A wife, mother of seven, and proud grandmother of three, LaGrange understands the importance of the role that parents play in the development of children. She has an extensive career in helping those Albertans who face physical and mental disabilities, earning her Diploma in Rehabilitative Studies from Humber College in 1981.

LaGrange also has a pedigree as an entrepreneur, owning a trucking company, as well as running a family farm.

Adriana LaGrange was appointed as Alberta’s Education Minister on April 30, 2019. Serving as a Trustee of the Red Deer Catholic Regional School Division for more than 11 years, LaGrange is well positioned to understand the unique needs of the education system. She is committed to the development of a modern curriculum to prepare Alberta’s next generation with the skills they need to succeed.

From her personal “About” page:

My strong faith & belief in servant leadership has led me to volunteer extensively through my church & community over the last 37 years. As a life-long learner, I strongly believe in a quality publicly funded education system which led me to seek my first political position as a Trustee for Red Deer Catholic Regional School District in 2007. Since then, I have been called to take on bigger & more prominent roles within the provincial & national educational arenas.   

I believe my vast array of life experiences, along with my practical knowledge, dedication & strong work ethic will enable me to represent the people of Red Deer North in a fair, competent & trustworthy manner.

I’m hopeful that the incoming Minister of Education will be favorable towards purchasing the Prince of Peace School property, continuing it’s faith-friendly education program. If the sale goes through – either to the Rocky View School Board or some other entity, that should result in funds being returned to the long-suffering CEF depositors.


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