ABC District 2.0: BOD Letter to Members Mar 5, 2019

With the passing of ABC District 1.0, ABC District 2.0 has emerged from the dust-cloud of restructuring with a new Board of Directors that’ve been tasked with managing the District’s affairs until it’s eventually wound up.

On Mar 5, 2019 Pr Roland Kubke sent a letter on behalf of the the 3-man Board composed of Pr Roland Kubke, Bill Fraser, and Aaron Ball. The copy I have is in PDF form and you can read it here. I’ll summarize Pr Kubke’s points as bullets an insert a few comments as appropriate.

Pr Kubke states –

  • All three men were elected to the BOD at the 2015 District Convention
  • None of them participated in the decisions made by the BOD before that time

I’d note that it was the 2015 BOD that, on Feb 24 2017, decided to disband the Task Force that was investigating how the CEF mess came to pass and so prevent it from issuing a second report. This left a cloud of uncertainty over the people involved with District / CEF / DIL such that the guilty are not confronted with their action nor are the innocent cleared.

Pr Kubke –

  • makes a confusing distinction between “C”onvention – by which I think he means District in Convention – and “c”onvention which is a special meeting of delegates.
  • discusses the role and authority of Convention and how it discharges that responsibility by electing leaders to work on their behalf.
  • states “That’s us. In other words, there is no ‘us vs them.'”

I’d agree that this is how things should work. However, when the elected leadership turns out to be deceptive, faithless servants the District / BOD relationship with the membership becomes very much of an “us vs them” state of affairs. (I’m not saying that the current BOD is that way, but a number of past BODs certainly were).

Continuing, Pr Kubke talks about –

  • the new bylaws, what they mean, and how they’ve carried out that mandate
  • how the Board has moved the District office out of the seminary to an outbuilding on the property of St John’s Lutheran in Beach Corner.
  • how current finances and incoming contributions will be handled
  • the need to ensure that District has enough funds to fulfill the terms of the bylaws, and that he feels the corporation’s good for another couple of years
  • how pastors and congregations can rescind their membership in District, and provides a list of members who have done so,
  • how future communications will be by direct email to members and not via Member Connect.

In closing Pr Kubke mistakenly states that Synod in Convention voted to not accept spiritual support and ecclesiastical services from the Districts. The actual vote was that Synod would no longer deliver ecclesiastical services via the District but do it directly.

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