ASC Changes CEF Hearing Staff Counsel

In any team effort you have players on the field and players on the bench. Depending on the circumstances these players may be moved on and off the field as the coach sees fit in order to maximize the team’s results. Somes players are changed because they need a rest, sometimes they’re changed because the situation calls for a player with a different set of skills.

In the case of the CEF hearing, ASC staff counsel Janet McCready has been swapped out for two other counselors – Tom McCartney and Ryan Penner.

Tom McCartney

Tom McCartney: Tom obtained his law degree from the University of Alberta in 1988. Over the last 25 years his practise has focused on litigation in civil, administrative and criminal law. He has concluded well over 100 trials, 20 administrative hearings and 6 appeals. Tom has been with the ASC for 8 years and is one of its senior litigation counsel. He enjoys spending time in the mountains and with his 5 grandkids.


I was not able to find any information on Ryan Penner – if I find something I’ll post it an later update.

In the meantime, there’s 2 more closed hearing management meetings before the hearing start on May 13, 2019.

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