“Here’s the Catch”

Anyone experiencing the crazy winter weather conditions from the mid-west to the eastern seaboard of Canada and the US is well aware of what kind of driving conditions follow an ice storm. Not only does this kind of weather give drivers the urge to break out into a rendition of “slip sliding away”, it can also result in churches cancelling services.

Such was the case of one Pr Charles Henrickson of St Matthew Lutheran in Bonne Terre MO USA. When the Saturday night weather forecast included slippery, dangerous driving conditions St Matthew decided to cancel their Sunday service. Not to be deterred, Pr Henrickson took to the interwebs using Facebook Live to broadcast the following service to fellow believers who also were shut in by the weather, and anyone that watched the recording later on. The sermon was titled “Here’s the Catch” and talked about what god-pleasing church growth looks like.

Watching this brought to mind the value of consistency in form and repetition in our worship services. Even though I was hundreds of miles away in a different country it was easy to follow Pr Henrickson’s service by memory, and when he said “The Lord be with you” – how could I not respond “And also with you”?

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