ABC District 2018 Convention Update #1

The information I’m getting about the convention is a mixed bag.

First – there’s still no audited financials for the last term and no apparent consequence for this failure of execution.

Second – the new bylaws still want to give the BOD the right to amend the bylaws w/out a confirmation vote by the membership. There is a phrase “as it is necessary to wind up the corporation” is not reassuring given the flagrant breach of financial protocol by not getting the books audited with no apparent consequence. What if the Board decides to do something outside of the bounds of their mandate? What recourse does the membership have? A lawsuit? And then get finger-wagged about believers taking believers to court? No thanks.

Third – the ongoing financing of District has been amended to them soliciting voluntary contributions to help wind up the District. But given that the BOD can unilaterally amend the bylaws to say otherwise, what comfort is this?

Fourth – membership is voluntary and can be terminated at any time.

My personal thinking is that this is another case of last minute changes being pushed on the membership w/out giving them due time to consider the actions and warning of ‘dire consequences’ if the action is not adopted.

My response is – don’t fall for it.

I’d suggest the following course of action:

  1. Remove the need to consult Synod on bylaw changes – this relationship is ending anyway and their input and confirmation is no longer required.
  2. Add the ability to amend the bylaws by electronic vote of the membership without the need for a convention. The East District proposed this for their restructured corporation, the proposed Acts and Bylaws allowed for this, and in this day and age it only makes sense.
  3. Reject or do not accept the financials report.
  4. Fire the financial people and mandate that the Board get the financials audited.
  5. Discuss changes to the proposed bylaws and then table them until the financials have been audited and reported to the membership.
  6. After the convention, set up an on-line forum to discuss any further changes to the bylaws.
  7. Once the financials are audited  and reported to membership and the bylaw changes have been agreed to, hold an electronic vote to adapt the new set of bylaws.
  8. Mandate that the Board get this done w/in three to four months.

2 thoughts on “ABC District 2018 Convention Update #1

Add yours

  1. Perhaps 8. could be:

    “Mandate that the Board get this done w/in three to four months”… and that failure to do so, as decided by an electronic “yes-no” vote of convention delegates, is equivalent to the BOD members’ combined resignations from the Board effective at the end of those four months.


  2. Much as I love the idea, then the District would have to replace them – though if they sprung for professional Board members and paid them I expect they’d get a better result.


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