A Message to all ABC District Convention Delegates

From Pr Micheal Schutz :

There has been much concern expressed over the potential implications of the new bylaws that have been proposed in Part II of the workbook (link: www.lccabc.ca/district-convention.html) by the ABC District Board of Directors to be adopted at this weekend’s District convention. I’ve been encouraging all delegates to go through things, seek answers, and – if you believe they are needed – propose changes.

With such a tight time frame, there hasn’t been opportunity to process this information together in congregational meetings, or circuit forums, or the like. But when I’ve asked questions of our leadership over the past two weeks, I’ve been given answers, which has been helpful in getting a better understanding. And because of that, I now believe I can start to think through what kinds of amendment proposals might serve us well.

Even though there are only a couple days left before convention, perhaps there’s still time to consider this together. I’ve created a Google document that can be a collaborative effort, and have begun to make some comments and suggestions. If any delegate is interested in working with me to think through these things, please email me at michaelschutz (at) gmail (dot) com. You’ll need to have a Google account to be a collaborator, and then on this document you also can make comments, ask questions, and/or suggest changes.

I continue to pray for God’s wisdom to fill us according to His Word as we prepare, meet, discuss, and make decisions together. And with tools like this, maybe we can put that prayer into action in a way that can be beneficial for our church.

People working together can accomplish much – I’d encourage anyone with an interest in this matter to contact Pr Schutz and provide your input.

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