CEF/DIL: Sale of the Parsonage Lot Hits a Snag

There’s a saying that the job’s not completed until the paperwork’s done.

According the to the latest update on the Monitor’s website, if the paperwork’s not done right – even then the job’s still not finished. And the subject of this update is…. the parsonage lot!

Here’s links to all the documents:

According to the Alberta Land Titles office the parsonage lot is included in the definition of “Common Property” in the Prince of Peace Bylaws. What this might mean is that ECHS may not have the legal right to sell the lot and other unit holders in the Prince of Peace Village may have to approve the transaction.

Given this development the purchaser isn’t willing to proceed with the transaction until a court order declares the property to be not “common property.”

So it’s back to the courts to get an order declaring that the lot is not “common property” notwithstanding the terms of the bylaws of the condominium corporation. And you know what else that means? More $$$ in professional services fees.

It’ll be nice to get this done and put to bed. I can’t help but wondering if – when everything is said and done and all the professional fees needed to sell this lot are added up – would it have been cheaper to just turn it into a park?

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