What I Expect, What I Want

Around the same time that I wrote the post that became “Calling Church Leaders to Account” I had another exchange with “Paul T” which resulted in a list of what I thought was reasonable to expect and want from LCC.

I’ve cleaned up the original CEF Investors’ Forum post and the following is the result.


What do I expect?

  • I expect to see justice and righteousness,
  • I expect every stone turned over to determine who did what, 
  • I expect to see LCC work to make the depositors as whole as possible beyond what bankruptcy law mandates,
  • I expect to see the LCC pull together to sort this out and heal the wounds that have been opened by this travesty,
  • I expect to see transparency and accountability on the part of the LCC organization,
  • I expect “the leadership” to be openly discussing what happened,
  • I expect “the leadership” to bring the full counsel of God to bear and minister to the people who’ve been profoundly violated by the church,
  • I expect to see full and complete repentance and contrition on the part of the people that were part of this happening – whether it was actively or through inaction,
  • I expect “the church” to make ministering to the people and churches affected by this travesty a top priority for the next 5-10 years

What do I want?

  • I want to see Justice & Righteousness.
  • I want to see LCC pull together as a Synod to help out the fellow believers that’ve been traumatized by this.
  • I want to see the wounds of the people bound and healed. 
  • I want to see repentance and forgiveness. 
  • I want to see the full counsel of God brought to bear in all it’s fearsome power and unspeakable mercy.
  • I want to see us work through this together, and then walk together in peace and harmony the way believers should.

I have no desire for glory, or for recognition, or to “stir up a crowd.” 

On the other hand, if LCC as an organization tries to protect itself at the expense of its members, pretend “this never happened”, or to falsely claim “I can’t do anything about this”, then the force of the Law needs to be brought to bear until such time as LCC is brought to heel and walking in line with the creeds that we as a communal body purport to believe in. 

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