Lawsuits Among Believers and the LCMS Hosanna-Tabor Decision Part 1

In "CEF/DIL: Lawsuits Among Believers" I discussed the way the Lutheran-Church Canada has responded to the CEF offence in general and how some people are trying to use  1 Corinthians 6:1-8 to silence aggrieved parties from seeking redress without lifting a finger to provide a mechanism to resolve those disputes and so see that justice and righteousness is... Continue Reading →

On a Lighter Note

Sometimes it feels like this blog gets too far on the heavy issues side of things so when the good Lord provides an opportunity to lighten things up a bit, I think it's appropriate to take it. I have a high degree of confidence that - if you follow these instructions - you will have... Continue Reading →

New Blog Alert

Just a short note to let my readers know that Pastor Micheal Schutz has started a blog titled "The Resonant". Pastor Schutz describes himself as: About the Founder My name is Michael Schutz. I'm a husband, father of four, and Lutheran pastor. I created TheResonant as a resource for people who want to think deeply about... Continue Reading →

CEF/DIL: Monitor’s 34th Report Posted

The Monitor has posted it's 34th report here. This report provides an introductory history to date, a DIL distribution, the final amount returned to the DIL investors, resolution of the Prince of Peace Church and School loans, the sale of the parsonage lot, and some financial reporting. Once the parsonage lot is sold, the ECHS... Continue Reading →

Restructuring: It All Makes Sense Now

In the course of my life I've learned that if you have a question and are willing to wait long enough, the answers generally present themselves in time. One such question I had was why Synod and the Districts were treating restructuring as an immediate urgency. Why was Synod's and Districts' first response "restructuring" after... Continue Reading →

“I Never Knew You”

The parable of the ten virgins used to puzzle me. While the tale is a straightforward story about the potential consequences of letting your guard down and going "off task" for even a little while, the ending, however, didn't quite seem to fit in with the rest of the narriative. Here is the parable in... Continue Reading →

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