Rachael Denhollander, Sexual Abuse and the Church

schaveDeaconess Kim Schave is the past chair of the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Task Force in the LCMS. In an interview on Issues Etc hosted by Todd Wilken, Kim discussed Rachael’s experience with Larry Nassar, the presence of abusers in the church, what needs to happen when there are allegations of abuse, and related topics.

The host also talked about his own experience in such things when his predecessor was being investigated for allegations of abuse. When the police came to Todd’s church looking for information, the advice he got was to not talk to the police or even return their phone calls. Fortunately Todd didn’t listen to this advice, co-operated with the police, and helped as much as he could.

One question Todd raised was churches talking about shutting down educational opportunities for children because of the legal risks involved. Kim’s response should give any believing Christian pause about considering going down that path.

The podcast is here.

The LCMS has resources on social issues include domestic and child abuse here.

Rachael Denhollander’s testimony is the basis of the blog post “What is a Little Girl Worth?

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