Two Questions That’ll Test the Spirits

In the years I’ve been on the internet I’ve had all manner of exchanges with more people than I care to count, and over the course of all these discussions I began to see (or God revealed to me) a remarkable pattern. Regardless of what the original question or assertion was – if it’s central tenet was wrong the implications of following that tenet to its logical conclusion always resulted in pulling Christ off the cross and invalidating his atoning sacrifice.

bold-face-crThat experience has led to a quick two question way to “test the spirits“of a statement to see if it was on the level.

Question 1: Who does the work?
Question 2: Who gets the glory?


If the answer either one of these questions is not Christ then…


“Christ” is the answer to “who does the work?” because nothing we have, can, or will do can atone for our sins and make us look good in His sight. Only by Christ’s atoning work do we appear spotless before Him. Christ as true God enables Him to accomplish His will through us regardless of how our mortal flesh gets in the way, and as such any good we “do” is solely because of Him.

This naturally leads to “Christ” as the answer to “who gets the glory?” because, if we can’t do anything that’s pleasing in His sight by our own power, if the only way we can “do good” is by His working through us, then we have no claim to any credit whatsoever for whatever good He used us to do.

It’s all Christ – beginning, middle, and end.

So when you’re listening to a speaker, reading a text, or spending time on a blog like this – make sure to use this “QQ Test” to check if the spirit of the message is from Christ or something else.


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