LCC 2017 Convention: Official Videos and Reports

Despite my best efforts to keep track of all things LCC that could be of interest to the general public, I managed to miss this. This isn’t surprising since LCC doesn’t provide a (obvious) way to get ongoing update emails – you have to go to their website and manually check to see what’s happened from time to time, and if something’s scrolled off the front page…too bad, so sad.

This is unfortunate because in this case what I missed was something quite commendable – LCC has provided a one-stop place to watch the convention videos, download the convention proceedings, and the like.

The web page for the 2017 convention information is


Update 2018-01-16: I need to look closer – there’s a “Subscribe” button at the end of the menu bar which takes you to Lutheran Church–Canada Newsletters where you can sign up for email updates.

When it comes to matters churches and delegates need to vote on, LCC’s new structure has replaced direct notification of churches and delegates with publication in the Canadian Lutheran. This means that every church, pastor, and delegate needs to sign up for these emails so they don’t miss something.

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