ANO: Getting My House in Order

If there’s one thing I absolutely hate, it’s housecleaning. It’s not exactly a gift God’s given me and regardless of how hard I work the house always becomes a mess again. And finally, the worst of it all was – it would be my fault alone.

Things weren’t always that way – back when I was younger I only had a single room to keep straight. That meant that cleaning it was a pretty straightforward process:

  1. Take everything that didn’t belong where it was and put it in a pile,
  2. Sort the pile into things that belonged together,
  3. Find a place for each group of things and put it there

In this way I’d go from having a messy room to going “ta-da!” and having my room (mostly) clean and tidy.

In the time since I’ve left my parents’ residence things have changed a bit. I don’t have to worry about keeping a single room straight anymore – now it’s an entire house. I’ve also managed to become gainfully employed and can afford a cleaning service to stop by on a regular basis and save me from myself.

The net result is I have more space and I’m free to do other things – like write this blog!

And speaking of blogs, this effort has become something akin to keeping my room in order – an accumulation of all manner of documents, links, and the like and it’s getting a bit messy. Unlike my house I can’t farm the cleanup work out to others to do so I’ll have to take a deep breath and do it myself. And the first step I’ve taken is to follow the process of my youth – make a pile collection of everything I’ve accumulated and put it in a “links” page to help get things into order.

The first version of this page has been created and added to this blog  as the new “Links” menu in the blog’s menu bar. I’ll post updates to the blog when I add new material to the links page and develop it further.


Image Credit: Clipart Library

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