Restructuring Order of Precedence

When a student takes math classes, one of the things they learn is that math has an order of precedence - multiplication and division have a higher precedence compared to addition and subtraction. This meant that when working through a calculation multiplication and division are done first and then additions and subtractions are done next.... Continue Reading →

Sweating the Restructuring Details

One of the pre-eminent issues any leadership position has is to get the details right, particularly when dealing with matters of structure and communicating with a large membership like LCC's. Recently Rev. Paul Schallhorn who is the Secretary for the LCC Board of Directors sent a communication to the member churches about proposed changes to the... Continue Reading →

Reasonable Notice

Danger Will Robinson - dry technical bureaucratese ahead! Something every corporate structure has - be it secular or sacred - is a regular meeting of its membership to transact business on behalf of the organization. For commercial companies this can be a shareholder meeting, for charitable organizations it could be an annual general members'... Continue Reading →

Like A Broken Record

"Back in the day" music was recorded as tracks on vinyl. The record was placed on a record player which had a needle that read the vinyl tracks. These readings became electrical impulses that were transmitted to some electronics that turned the readings into music you could hear, and the whole affair looked something like... Continue Reading →

Be Authentic! Be Lutheran!

It's been said that Lutherans jump on the 'latest' church fad about the same time that other denominations have figured out that it's an empty shell. I say stay with what works - be an authentic Lutheran and trust the Word of God to accomplish all that the Lord has promised it would. Each of... Continue Reading →

CEF’s “Field of Dreams”

This article is in response to "Marcy B"'s comment on Resolution 17.03.06 to Decline to Talk About CEF as I'd like to discuss some of the points she made. Marcy wrote: He fell into the mega church pipe dream. ‘We should have a cradle to grave mission here.’ From a governance perspective the first question in response should've... Continue Reading →

Synod’s Illegitimate Children

As the 2017 convention amply demonstrated, LCC has some deep-rooted cultural issues with policing its ranks, particularly in cases where popular people or difficult issues are involved - in such cases it's certainly a lot easier to close one's eyes to what was going on, laugh at the ongoing stream of jokes, and go about... Continue Reading →

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