Restructuring: There Is No Fail-Safe Option

In a recent edition of the ABC Connect someone wrote:


The synod will be sending out ballots to congregations, as well as completed drafts of the Statutory Bylaws, Synodical Constitution, and Synodical Bylaws, with explanations as to what has been changed and why, by December 15, 2017. If your congregation is holding an Annual Meeting between now and that date, and would like to discuss the restructuring with your congregation, please let the District Office know as there are materials that can be sent from the synod to assist your discussions.

Note: As you vote on the proposed LCC Constitution, please realize that a vote in favour of the proposed Constitution is a vote for the new regional structure. A vote against the LCC Constitution is a vote for the current structure of the Synod with three Districts.

We need to be clear about something – after changes to the Statutory Bylaws were passed 1st VP Astely said “This is our structure for the next four years.” That meant that Synod was changed from its current structure irregardless of what happened to the Constitution and Synodical Bylaws and there’s no going back.

In the event the amendments to the Constitution are lost and the Synod BOD isn’t able to work some kind of “deeper magic” the next question will be if a Special Convention will need to be called to fix the mess the Synodical documents will be left in.


Unlike the Acts and Bylaws,
there is no “fail-safe” option.

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