Synod In Convention – Sat AM

The good news is that there's some good discussion going on in terms of the why's and wherefore's about restructuring and some of the actions taken by the various Synodical entities make more sense. There was also a hiccup with electing a new president - a tag was mislabeled so an advisory delegate that took... Continue Reading →

We Interrupt This Program…

One standard political tactic is to get your opponent so focused on one thing that they don't notice what you're really doing somewhere else until it's too late and you've accomplished your goal. In my case I've been so intent on going through the restructuring documents that I didn't even glance at the rest of... Continue Reading →

A Question of Procedure

As the clock is running down to Convention the joint BOD / CCMS Working Group has come out with an update to clean up some issues with the Statutory Bylaws, Synodical Constitution, and the Synodical Bylaws. There's one small problem - the document is signed by Rev Nolan Astley  who is the 1st VP of... Continue Reading →

A Discussion of Stahlke’s 95 Thesis – Part 4 / Conclusion

This article continues the discussion of Dr Stahlke’s 95 Thesis. An introduction and overview of the series is here. The overall division of these posts are: The Establishment of Authority (Part 2) LCC and its Operation (Part 2) A Sudden Change in Course (Part 3) The Working Group Proposal vs the Articles and Bylaws (Part 3) Questions, Questions,... Continue Reading →

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