Got Soup?

It’s always nice to publish good news, and this is something every like not-for-profit LCC church will like – TechSoup Canada operates a “Technology Donation Program”

What is a Technology Donation Program? Glad you asked – from the “how it works” page:

Intro to the Technology Donations Program
We help Canadian nonprofits, charities and libraries achieve greater impact. We do this by connecting nonprofit organizations with affordable technologies, so they can invest the majority of their resources into what counts: their mission.

What is a “Technology Donation Program”?
The technology donation program offers donated and discounted technologies to qualified charities, nonprofits and libraries for an administrative fee that’s typically 90% less than market value. … Qualified organizations can order donated and discounted software, such as Microsoft OfficeBitdefender Anti-Virus, and ReadyTalk, through this program. How is this possible? Through the generosity of our technology donor partners and their commitment to help the nonprofit sector.

Anytime you can get a 90% discount on something is a day worth thanking the Lord for.

I got this from a professional colleague who has signed up a number of churches using this program and “they love it.”

I encourage my readers to give this a try and leave a comment here on how it worked for them.

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