Convention Recordings for Everyone

The Canadian Lutheran published the convention proceedings and made them available here which is great step forward in terms of LCC being transparent with its membership.

Update 2017-11-08: The livestream event was deleted and the official recordings are no longer available. The copies I downloaded, converted, and stored will remain available. 

But what if you don’t have a fast internet connection? What if you want to watch it at home without risking your download limits? What if you want to keep your own copy and re-watch some of the excellent scriptural studies or the convention business to see what happened for yourself?

Now you have an option – I’ve converted the files from the “TS” format used by Livestream into a format that can be downloaded to and played on most PCs and mobile devices. These files are  here and they’re about half the size of the Livestream format (which means there’s less to download) and you can easily watch or download them.

To download the files, there’s an arrow pointing down to a flat line in the upper left of each recording – click on that to download a single file. To download a copy of everything click on the page’s “Download All” button on the upper right side of the web page.


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