ABC District Moves to Adopt New Governance Model

I really should’ve spent more time reading the Synod Convention reports because then I’d find nuggets of encouragement like this one – the ABC District BOD, having been publicly roasted over an open flame for the abject failure of its management structure leading up to the January 2015 revelation that CEF was dead – has been looking at restructuring and changing its governance model.

Here’s the report excerpt which I think speaks for itself:

Developing a New Governance Model for the ABC District
Prior to January 2015, the ABC District BOD was discussing revamping the District structure and its governance model. In fact, a staff person was assigned the task of developing and proposing a new governance model. A new governance model, adapted from the “Accountable Servant Leadership Model” was proposed to the Board but then when CEF and DIL became the focus, the implementation of a new District structure and governance model was shelved, with one exception, Resolution 2015-01-08, “TO AMEND THE BYLAWS OF THE ALBERTA-BRITISH COLUMBIA DISTRICT WITH RESPECT TO THE ROLE OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND SOME MINOR CHANGES.”

The resolution, which was passed by the convention delegates, essentially made the ABC District Board of Directors a governance board with departments and committees being replaced by circuit focused working groups and some committees tasked with specific functions. A District working group has been formed and this group is currently developing an interactive website where members will be able to “talk” with one another about ministry challenges and share resources. Recognizing that the proposed CCMS LCC restructuring model may not be adopted, the current Board of Directors has resumed the task of developing a new District structure and governance model so that, if needed, it can be presented at the next District Convention.

Consider what this means –
  • the Synod Working Group is determined to have Synod re-learn the lessons ABC District’s implosion should’ve taught us by implementing a structure that centralizes power and authority with the SP, VP, and BOD, makes the BOD a managing Board instead of a governance Board, and effectively shields these people from proper accountability,
  • the ABC District BOD learned from their experience and is moving to a governance-only model and pushing work and responsibility down to the circuit level while providing resources for the circuits to co-ordinate their efforts and share resources / ideas. In essence the BOD is providing a structure for field workers to co-ordinate their efforts, optimize their use of resources, and ensure they “stay within the lines” of proper behavior and conduct as members of the two kingdoms.

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess which type of model I’d rather see Synod adopt.

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