A Question of Procedure

As the clock is running down to Convention the joint BOD / CCMS Working Group has come out with an update to clean up some issues with the Statutory Bylaws, Synodical Constitution, and the Synodical Bylaws.

There’s one small problem – the document is signed by Rev Nolan Astley  who is the 1st VP of Synod, BOD member, and chair of the BOD / CCMS Working Group. None of these groups are the CCMS which Synod in Convention has tasked with vetting all matters of structure. That means this change should’ve been signed by Bill Nye after the CCMS has voted to approve the changes.

This is no small matter because if Synod in Convention is the supreme authority in establishing how Synod conducts its business then it’s various officials are required to stay within the boundaries that Synod in Convention have set when performing their duties.

That raises some concerning questions – did the 1st VP & BOD member break the rules? Did Resolutions Committee # 1 accept and endorse changes to a document pertaining to structure that hadn’t gone through and been approved by the Committee that Synod in Convention had tasked with this responsibility?

This also makes one wonder what would happen if more power was centralized in a single Synod-wide BOD.

Enquiring minds want to know.

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