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“ANO” stands for “A Neutral Observer” in that I take no side but that of justice and righteousness without regard to power or position. Unfortunately the pseudonym is necessary out of concern of retaliation for forthrightly expressing what will doubtless be some unpopular views. I’ve been there, done that, and have no desire to have myself or the people I care for ever threatened like that again.

“Lutheran Watch” is an honorific to Judicial Watch whose modus-operandi is to ensure that the law applies to all people regardless of power or position and Retraction Watch which tracks and reports on misconduct in the scientific community .

Topics of Interest
This blog’s is primarily intended to address material that is publicly available including blog posts, official church articles, and the like. My primary focus will be on the “business” side of the church – structure, accountability, and “doing business” in a manner that is consistent with the Christian faith while at the same time subject to the laws of the land.

Considering how LCC’s restructuring process is proceeding, it is also clear that the development of a corporate structure that is suitable for use by LCC’s members will be of substantial interest.

Articles Policy
I’m open to and interested in articles pertaining to:

  • LCC / LCMS structure and governance, organizational behavior, abuse in the church, and related topics.
  • Points of view that substantially differ from anything posted here, or would expand on any articles that cannot reasonably fit in a comment,
  • Matters of accountability of public officials

Any articles submitted for publication need to adhere to the standards of Christian conduct – they need to be factual, evidentiary, make reasonable conclusions based on the available information, and address topics / issues rather than persons and personalities.

Comments Policy
All comments are welcome provided they are constructive and go somewhere. Persistent obstruction or abuse of any kind is not welcome.  People that make personal attacks against a specific person or persons will be subject to doxxing.

Correspondence Policy
All received correspondence will be considered confidential except for threats and abuse.

Abuse Policy 
I’ve been around church politics long enough to know how Church officials use / abuse Matthew 18 to silence people that are raising legitimate concerns and I won’t have anything to do with that. If Paul can publicly chastise Peter for his hypocrisy and it’s recorded in Scripture for all time, then modern day church officials can’t claim “Matthew 18” to escape public critique of their actions.

While I’ll guarantee the confidentiality of any correspondence I receive, any correspondence that’s abusive in nature may be subject to public posting, analysis, refutation, and possible doxxing.  If I see that happening on my blog I’ll give the offender advance warning and an opportunity to correct their action before taking steps to expose who and what they are.

I’m not a lawyer, legal analyst, financial adviser, doctor, etc. nor do I play any of these on TV. These comments are strictly one person’s opinion and are worth the price you paid for them. If you have any questions requiring specialized knowledge or expertise please consult a paid professional with the requisite training and certifications.

Who’se Responsible for What
All errors are mine, all glory goes to God.

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